Birthday madness of late…..

ITNG cake ITNG cake 2 ITNG cake 3 ITNG cake 4

Dd1 and Dd 2 have had their 3rd and 1st birthday parties in the last couple of weeks.  So, we have been in sweet treat heaven :-). 

Dd1 decided that she wanted a ‘green’ birhday cake (much to my astonishment, what happened to the fairy themed party that was planned?!!).  Right, a green cake, o.k.  Hmmmmmmm, oh yes, ‘In the Night Garden’!! 

I had been oogling over cupcakes for several weeks (inspired by the scrummy book we had taken out of the local library in preparation for the party, and as a result of the hours I have been spending trawling the internet for cupcake imagery for my new collection).  So, I thought I would try a bit of fondant icing, and a bit of butter cream icing.  Both techniques were new to me.  Madness without a test run you say?  Yes, quite possibly, but, lets wing it anyway!!

This was the end result.  A Ninky Nonk  Train cake, with some sort of a garden type theme going on!!  (Feel free to laugh now).  The cake was a complete flop (literally), but the icing was yummy, and Dd loved it.


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