More yarny goodness :-)

painting swap received all together  painting swap received 

My poor postie is probably wondering why I have been stalking the letterbox lately!  This STUNNINGLY scrummy yarn swap was peering out of the box when I got up yesterday.  Mmmmmmm, yarny goodness.

Here we have my parcel from a yet to be named swapper(yes I WILL find out who you are oh talented one!)in our TNN Painting Yarn Swap.  We each chose our favourite painting and this was the result!

I chose ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. 

the kiss  painting swap received ball top

My extremely talented swapper used the flowers at the bottom of the image as the basis for the wool, and O.M.G it is STUNNING. A VERY professional dye job.  The recipe is for Passionfruit Melting Moments which I’m going to make tomorrow (I even sent Dh to the supermarket on the way home just to get more butter for them).  The pattern is for ‘The Two Summer Sundress’. This pattern is just awesome, and Dd1 has already put her order in.

painting swap received pattern

My lovely swapper also included enough material to make two sundresses for my wee girls. It is a beautiful soft golden colour, with light floral patterning dancing across it.


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