Painting Yarn Swap

circus hank   circus hank 2

Did I mention wool dyeing lately??!!! 

Here we have the Utiku 100% Merino Baby Yarn I dyed for the TNN Painting Yarn Swap.  This swap was the same format as the Spring swap.  Some wool, a pattern and a recipe.


My swapper chose George Seurat’s ‘The Circus’ for her painting.  I decided to dye some 4ply yarn to match so she could make use of the fun toe sock pattern I found on Ravelry.   Cute huh!   

  toe socks

I used Tillia acid dyes this time (these dyes ROCK :-)).  The red, orange, yellow and green were painted on in small repetitions, with the deep blue dispersed in dots around the hank for a random speckled effect.  The recipe was for ‘Circus Pops’, a great little treat to make with your children. 

And here’s the parcel after opening……..

painting swap together

So what’s next?  Our local TNN Knitting group have decided to do a Kiwiana Yarn Swap :-).  Yay!!!!   I have been given my swap partner, so check back for a progress report soon.


3 responses to “Painting Yarn Swap

  1. That looks fantastic, must get cracking and get mine done.

  2. Love it!

    that dress is so sweet

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