Spring Yarn Swap

spring ball 2 

I have a newly revived obsession…………….wool dyeing.  Oh, it is just so exciting to work through the process and see what the result will be.  This is one of my latest dyeing jobs, a Spring Yarn Swap on TNN.   Our task was to create a hank of hand dyed wool, chose an appropriate knitting pattern and a recipe to match.

The theme for my swapper was ‘Spring Blossom’.  I set to dyeing Utiku 8ply with good old Hansells food colouring in varying tones of rose, blue and green as the main colours.  The dye is brushed onto the hank, which allowed overlapping of colours to achieve some scrummy nuances.  The result was a soft colourway which I thought would be perfect for a little girl’s dress.  The Spring Butterfly was my pattern of choice.   A stunning, cute little knit designed by Razz :-).


The recipe was for ‘Spring Blossom Cupcakes’, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (quite fitting really considering my cupcake obsession of late)!!  I included two little lavender crocheted flowers to go on the dress, and wrapped it all together in some delish magenta organza.  So much fun!!! 

Have you been wool dyeing lately too?  Leave me a comment with your website addy!  I’d love to drool :-).


2 responses to “Spring Yarn Swap

  1. So possibly a bit late on the commenting, but I loved the wool you dyed for the painting swap. I’ve only given dying a go once so far with average results, using food colouring. I’m keen to try it again one day soon, but have yet to get myself organised. I have some pics of the slippers I knitted with it, for DD1, on my blog.
    Nice blog 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for commenting :-). You should give it a go again, it’s very addictive! Try koolaid or raro too, they work well as long as you have enough vinegar in the mix. Once you’ve mastered that, get some Tillia dyes. The colours are scrummy, and these dyes actually work out cheaper as you use such a small amount. I’ll pop over and have a look at your blog. Leave me another message when you do some more dyeing, I’d love to see it. 🙂 Kate

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