Sock Knitting!!!

Ahh, I have finally given in and am now a true knitting geek, I knit socks (bwa haa haa haa).  But really, who could resist?  Look at the variety of scrummy wool that is available, and the equally scrummy patterns and combine that with my obsession with miniatures (of the dollshouse kind, not that I have time to make any now that I have two little ‘helpers’), and it is hardly surprising that I am travelling down this slippery slope to ‘knitting nerd’.  Come and join me!!!!

sock image

This is the wee precious that I will attempt to knit………….

Silver’s Sock Class by Kristin Bellehumeur

I have a ball of  Opal sock yarn, and am going to be borrowing the lovely Sheryl’s dpns tomorrow at knitting night.  I’m very excited really, I feel like a child with a 50c mixture!!  Watch this space, progress piccies will be appearing (don’t hold your breath though, I am SOCK KNITTING, it will be a slooooooooww process).


6 responses to “Sock Knitting!!!

  1. good luck! … i say start with toddler socks – they will grow faster! hehe – and be minitures!

    can i ask y go for DPN’s over magic looping?

  2. Why dpns, ‘cos they are pretty!!! No, really I am just giving them a try and will do magic loop if I get too fustrated with them :-).

  3. Mawahaaaa socks are addictive! once you start there is no stopping take a look at me lol

    Anyway well done!

    • Tee hee, yes I think you are right. There is just too much lovely sock yarn out there talking to me………..must resist! I blame Sheryl, she makes it look so easy!

  4. Eeek, now I feel eben worse for forgetting to bring them!

    • It’s probably a blessing is disguise Sheryl! I’m trying magic loop which should be easier and probably a lot quicker 🙂 (And it will save me oogling over the wood dpn set from VP, tee hee).

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