An interesting few days

Lots of exciting things have happened this week……

Dd1 and Mummy

Dd1 and Mummy Dd2

The lovely Hannah surprised the girls and I with some birthday slippers 🙂 :-).  They are the snuggliest, most comfortable wee slippers I have worn.  Dd1 LOVES hers, and Dd2 looks so cute in her weeny little pair.  THANKYOU HANNAH.  You are very generous.  Now go and knit something for yourself!!


I have managed to mutilate the Cadence Rose Sundress I am currently knitting.  Hmm, the lace looks very strange doesn’t it?  I think I’ve skipped part of a row somewhere and the pattern has jumped :-(.  Ummmmm, Sheeeerrrrryyyllll, guess what I’ll be turning up with on Tues?!!  (Sheryl is our little Tues knitting group’s beloved knitting surgeon!).  Here’s the progress anyway.  In the meantime, I’m onto knitting socks, bwaa haa haa haa haa.

Cadence Rose Sundress

Cadence Rose Sundress


Lizzie and I have been dabbling in a little seed raising.  Soooo much fun!  If you haven’t build up the courage to try it, just give it a go.  It is extremely easy, kid friendly and really exciting seeing little plants sprout.  The growth over the past few days has been amazing.  I must admit that I have been wandering out to the glasshouse several times a day to see what has come up.  There is an abundence of tomatoes, a few purple dwarf beans, a couple of cucumber and a few lettuce.  There are still quite a few little seeds that need to pop through, so we’ll see if anything arises over the next few days.

First Attempt at Seed Raising

First Attempt at Seed Raising


I met the most lovely lady yesterday.  She was the contact person for spinning on the local arts council website that I first phoned on Weds.
She invited me to a spinning evening next week, and then phoned yesterday and offered to come and introduce me to spinning!  How nice is that?!!
She was here from 1.30 until 4.30 (yay, Dd had a sleep too:-) ), and I learnt to spin!  The first lot is rather amusing, but the second bobbin is a lot more even.

Spinning Setup

Spinning Setup



And, more cupcake making.  I had a good reason this time (besides the fact that they are just the yummiest, most delicious little parcels of sugary goodness).  It was Mum’s birthday on Thursday.   As we couldn’t make it then, we had a little afternoon tea today.  I made double chocolate and the trusted lemon butterfly cupcake recipe out of my new cucake recipe book that me ol’ mate Rachael gave me for my birthday.  The lemon cupcakes are fabulous, the chocolate are like little rock cakes, tee hee, boo hoo, hoooooooo.  Oh well, they are still sort of edible given that I overcompensated and smothered them with chocolate frosting and fairy sprinkles.

Double Choccy & Lemon Butterfly Cupcakes

Double Choccy & Lemon Butterfly Cupcakes


Finally for this evening, our beloved wee tomato plants that have been lovingly cared for on the windowsill are venturing out into the glasshouse for the first time tonight.  Grow strong.  I promise to buy you some tomato food this week :-).

Beloved wee tomato plants

Beloved wee tomato plants


2 responses to “An interesting few days

  1. Gosh you have been busy!!
    Wow so the spinning was fun then? hehe
    Have you started your socks?

  2. all this cupcake business make me wanna bake a batch to yum yum!

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