A new addiction or two

Tonight is spinning night.  I am going to be joining the local ladies at Robyn’s house and learning to ply the two spools I spun last week.  Apprehensive, yes.  Excited, hell yes!!!!  Progress piccies to come once I return……..

I was lucky enough to see Sable’s beautiful spun wool at Hannah’s last night.  Divine.  The ply was perfect, and the choice of fibres quite inspiring.  Yum, yum, yum.

I’m still designing the new collections for Bib and Tucker whilst finishing off a few orders.  They are looking pretty darn cute, and will be so much fun to illustrate on the fabric I have arriving shortly.  Progress piccies for these soon too……….

The garden is flourishing also.  We have discovered that this new home that we have moved into comes with a resident ‘Mr Hedgehog’.  He’s a charming wee fellow who lives snuggled in the compost bin, and snacks on the multitude of scraps that Dd and hubby pop in each night.  Mr Hedgehog is also quite adventurous.  He plods around the garden, and up the path to his home each day.  I have tried to follow him to see what he gets up to, but he has a camoflauge routine that he likes to practice.  He is very tame though, I wonder if he can see very well?  I hope the cats don’t bother him!


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