Rainy days

The weather today has been rather feisty, and the tins have been looking a bit bare after the last batch of cupcakes was snaffled, so Dd and I decided that the best solution was a little bit of baking.  What to make?  CUPCAKES of course.  This time I used the lemon cupcake recipe, leaving out the lemon rind and adding lots of cocoa, tee hee.



These are the easiest little treat to make with a simple flower tip on the icing bag and a few fairy sprinkles.  Dd decided that she wanted to decorate hers with a mixture of sweet decorations.



I plyed my first attempt at spinning last night.   The result is hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting.  The fibre (which we are not sure what it is) was very harsh to ply.  There was another wee bundle of roving in the same bag that I was given to spin with, which is so much easier to work with.  A lot softer, and easy to get a reasonably fine ply.  I’m popping these first attempts on here, feel free to laugh!!  They are just so I have a record of how this new obsession started.  I promise to improve.


The original wool colour.  I’ve dyed one hank and left one natural.


More super scummy yarn.  This is one of the latest colourways from Vintage Purls.  Colour:  Cabaret.  Oh my, I don’t know if I can unwind the hank.  I keep stroking it and staring longingly into the strands to study the dyeing.  Divine, divine, divine.  If you haven’t got any, you must.  I also purchased a few circulars, so the sock knitting shall begin (again).  Note: NEVER use dpns to knit socks.  It WILL end in tears.


And the seed raising continues.  This is very exciting stuff.  Really.  We now have many tomato plants, a few lettuce popping through, cucumber, beans plus a garden full of about 40 odd cauliflower and broccoli (I got a bit carried away at the market), beans, silverbeet, buttercrunch lettuce, bok choy, mesculun, chives, parsley, celery, strawberries, potatoes and lots of weeds.  Still to plant: potatoes, carrots, spring onion and tomatoes to re-pot.  I think that’s it??




6 responses to “Rainy days

  1. Oh my gosh, you should SO come and visit with those cupcakes! hahaha

    And welldone on your spinning, it looks great!

  2. Cupcakes look soo good!

    and that Yarn YUM! can’t wait to see the sock knitting!

    • You neeeeeed to buy some VP next Monday. It is SO beautiful irl. I’ve started on a pair of socks using the Opal yarn to begin with, incase I make a mees of it!! I’m going to use the VP next, once I have a test pair knit!

  3. Yummy – the cupcakes are making me feel the ‘need’ to bake really soon. Is that the butter icing?

    • Go for it!! They are so easy to do (Even Rio helped out). Yes, it sure is buttercream icing. That is a ‘must’ with cupcakes :-).

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