Spinning in my sleep

I have spinning on the brain at the moment.  My right foot has taken to pedalling in my sleep.  So I guess I’ll either report back with a very bad case of cramp, or a well practised spinning leg!

In the meantime, I have been doing more spinning with the new roving that arrived.  Mmmmmm, silky merino goodness.  It’s divine to spin with.  This is one of the colours in the sample pack that I received.  It reminds me of the ocean on a sunny day, the silk floats through it like delicate little waves. 

Merino & Silk roving

Merino & Silk roving

And here it is spun up into a single.  I’m aiming for an 8 ply once plyed.



I’ve been doing a bit of ‘You Tube’ research (aka, staying up until midnight fixated).  The internet is so inspirational for the craftsperson!  I stumbled across a technique called ‘core spinning’.  Essentially you have a ‘core’ thread, and ply whatever you would like to add into it as you spin.  I started with a ball of fine magenta boucle yarn, and plyed it with some of the natural roving I was given to learn with.  This was then set, and coloured with acid dyes using the gladwrap microwave method.  Next time I’ll add more vinegar as the dye didn’t hold as well as I would have liked, but it was great to try some new techniques :-).  

First core spun wool

First core spun wool


And here’s a handy wee video on braiding roving so it looks like this………….(Link to listing for roving from Artemis)

ArtemisArtemis Roving

ArtemisArtemis Roving

Righto, I’m off to paint some nappies.  I’ll be back soon with the roving that I dyed today.  Bye!!  🙂


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