Freebie Monday!!!

Yipeeeeee, it’s Bib and Tucker ‘Freebie Monday’ folks :-). 
Here’s what’s on offer for all you lovely crafters this week……..

It started life as this:

The bowl of goodies before spinning.............

The bowl of goodies before spinning.............

And spun into:

'Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles' Art Yarns

'Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles' Art Yarns



Detail 2

Detail 2

 Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles: A 70gm hank of hand spun funky art yarn

I’ve used a range of blue/purple/pink/white merino blends, that have been core spun onto a magenta boucle yarn to create an energetic thick & thin yarn.  This is super bulky, so would be suited to being used as an embelishment for a crafty project or knitted using a simple knit pattern.

How do I enter?  Just leave a comment below, and if you mention my blog or link to me on your website, you receive an additional entry :-).  I’ll leave each weeks freebie draw open until the following Monday, when I’ll announce the winner!  I’m happy to post overseas, so pop in and say hi.

🙂 Kate


26 responses to “Freebie Monday!!!

  1. So cool, the more I see the more I need to learn to spin and buy a wheel!

  2. What awesome yarn! And I love the name…

  3. you know im in! hehe
    Its even more beautiful in real life 🙂

  4. Yes it is YUM!

    congrats on the cupcake launch 🙂

  5. That’s very cool, count me in.

  6. luffly! would you believe that i wrote a blog post this afternoon linking to you?! * insert twilight zone theme* but it’s not set to publish til tomorrow afternoon 😉 you’ve inspired me/made me jealous lol…!

  7. Beautiful Kate! .. how long have you been spinning again?! 🙂 And I love the photography with the wee white flowers poking through!

    • I’ve just started spinning. One of the lovely local ladies taught me about 3 weeks ago. Gosh it’s addictive though. I would love to do it all day long.

  8. OHHH very nice Kate :-]

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is seriously pretty Kate! about to blog now so will link to here at the same time 😀

  10. Louise/white-rose

    oh purty – just the inspiration I need to get me started on my new wheel!

  11. Wow! you are very clever!! I am just not going to look on TM at spinning wheels, DH would cringe at yet another addiction! lol

  12. Lovely yarn, haven’t tried corespun yet; gotta give that a go (after the Corriedale in the grease, the baby alpaca and silk that I’m carding up and…..)

    • Spot the addict!! Isn’t it exciting? I love to look at spinning techniques on you tube. You can learn a lot from there. 🙂 Kate

  13. omg thats soo pretty kate!! such beautiful colors!
    makes me want to learn how to spin wool 🙂

  14. THat is some seriously cool wool!
    I have added you to my blog site tonight too.
    Some cool stuff on your blog!

  15. ooh ooh…pick me! GORGEOUS yarn! lovely work

  16. Beautiful!!!! and loving your ‘cupcake’ nappies they are a true work of art 🙂

  17. I am so impressed! Love the colours in your wool, – and the cupcakes are too cute. Shame I don’t have a girl!

  18. Aren’t you clever! Gorgeous colours too! Adding you to my blogroll but it won’t become public for another week or so while i iron out the kinks 😉

  19. Oh well done Kate! Love the colours and would love to see how it knits up! Count me in please.

  20. Just thought i would comment and also say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

    • bibandtuckernz

      Thanks for your lovely comment :-). The website was designed by Baracuda Design, and created by GoForward. They were fantastic to deal with, so if you’re in the market for a website, check them out!

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