New addition to the family :-)

I have been very bad, and bought a secondhand (but new condition as it wasn’t used) Ashford Joy spinning wheel.  WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  Here she is in all her glory :-).  She is beautiful, and very well designed and spins sock/lace weight beautifully.  But, we are having some teething issues when it comes to spinning anything heavier than about 8ply :-(.  As it is a small wheel, one needs to treadle reasonably quickly (well compared to the traditional I’ve been using).  Also, if you slow your treadling down, the weighted pedal turns counterclockwise, which is not a hot look!  Even with the wheel on the slowest setting for bulky yarns, and the tension as loose as possible so as not to over twist, I’m ending up with little rats tails, blerk.  I have played around with the tension, a. lot.  Hmm, We might be taking a wee visit to one of the spinning ladies houses soon I think!  How embarassing.

Ashford Joy


Freebie thoughts for next week…..

With us nearing the end of the week, I have been pondering what to create for next weeks ‘Freebie Monday’.  I’ve gone back and forth between some handspun wool, and a ‘Bib and Tucker’ nappy.  Soooooo, I’m going to ask my lovely readers to decide!  What would you like to win this coming week?  Let me know by Saturday and I’ll whip it up over the weekend.

🙂 Kate


14 responses to “New addition to the family :-)

  1. oooh isn’t ‘she’ lovely Kate!

  2. oh and I think nappy this week! Might as well let both your creations bask in the glory 🙂

  3. I’m just in LOVE with our new Nappy! (think it will be next to my bed tonight – instead of Becas bum!)

    and she is just so cute! … nice a portible for heading to knitting/spinning nights huh?

    in regards to next weeks freebie … i’m in Nappy love land at the moment!

  4. Yes, let’s do a nappy. Size medium anyone?

    Hehe, not self-interested here at all…

    Loving the new toy too, I must come visit and you can show her off.

  5. Well done Kate – she is a beautiful wheel. I’m sure you will get the wee kinks sorted in no time 😉

    And … I’ll vote for the yarn … as our nappy days here are all but over 😦 and yarn can generally be used by people in many ways.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. i say nappy, but i say a boy large one as you are allways creating for girls 🙂

  7. Agree with Sheryl 😛 meduim size nappy 😉
    Love your spinning wheel! Mine does the same thing but its old rather old 😆

  8. Nappy, nappy, nappy:-] can you guess im voting for a nappy hahaha

  9. I’ll love either one… but if I had to pick I would say wool, as its one of my new addictions LOL

  10. Lovely wheel 🙂

    I vote for a lovely girly nappy in size medium to 😛

  11. oooo lucky you! 😀

  12. no more girl stuff, you hear me Kate?! us boy mummas need giveaways too 😛

  13. Large nappy here!!!! For Miss Makayla that is! Love your work.

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