Woohoo it’s Freebie Monday!!!

Yippee it’s Freebie Monday folks, and the winner (thanks to my sophisticated wave the finger over the computer screen with eyes shut method) is……………….

Mandli :-).  Congratulations!  Email me at Bib and Tucker with your details and your choice of nappy, and I’ll send it off with the courier tomorrow.  I hope you love it!

This week, I’ve made a wee crafty item that I haven’t created in quite some time.  A little ‘Glass Slide’ Tag to hang in your workspace, or use it as a tag on a gift, or even a bookmark.  I’m also including some supplies to make your own, and if you happen to have a soldiering iron you can attach a ring to the top to make it into a necklace.  Cool huh!

'Inspiration' Glass Slide  IMG_2973

IMG_2974  IMG_2975

So here’s what’s up for grabs this week:

  •  Handmade ‘Inspiration’ Glass Slide Tag
  • 2 x Glass Slides to make 1/2 items
  • 2 x lengths of Brass Tape to attach around the edge of slides
  • Little Paper bits and bobs to layer behind the slide, forming the image

And here’s how to make one of your own…………..

Supplies:  Glass slides (get these from scrapbooking shops or medical suppliers), Brass/copper tape(from hardware/jewellrey/scrapbooking shops), flat items to sandwich between slides(ie. images/artwork/fine thread/feathers etc), small ruler,ribbon,glue stick.

  1. Decide what you want to have behind the slide and cut out/glue etc until your desired image is achieved.  You can get some really cool results with collage techniques, stamping, or illustrate something yourself.  Use cut out letters from magazines/newspapers for block lettering.
  2. Cut the image to the same size as the slide and place behind slide.  Cut a backing piece of paper or use the other slide to pop at the back so the slide is double sided.
  3. Carefully pull the backing off the tape, and gently run just less than half of it around the front edge of the front slide, mitreing the corners as you go.  Wrap it completely around the slide, overlapping about 1.5cm at the end.
  4. Place your image and backing layers behind the slide, and carefully wrap the tape over these to enclose all layers.  Carefully run a small ruler along the front and back sides of the finished tape edge to flatten and smooth the tape to the layers.
  5. Attach a ribbon to the back of the competed slide, or use a soldiering iron to attach a small ring to allow a fine strand of leather/cord to be inserted so you can use it as a necklace.


To enter this weeks’ Freebie Draw, simply leave a message telling me which of the new ‘Sweetie Pie’ Collection colourways is your favourite.  Let me know if you’ve blogged/linked to me for an additional entry.

🙂 Kate


9 responses to “Woohoo it’s Freebie Monday!!!

  1. Yay – it’s Monday! 🙂
    Got to pick the Celery colourway in the Sweetie Pie range – love the green!

    Well done Mandli!

  2. look at your ya cleaver wee crafter!

    Yay well done Mandi (just to let you know if you unable to accept for any reason i’ll step up for you – no questions asked hehe)

  3. Pink! The pink nappy colourway is my fav, – and it’s N’s fav colour too! he he!

  4. Definately a fan of the magenta one, it is so yummy. I would just need to decide which of my princesses to put it on (or perhaps I could get them a matching set…..)

  5. LOVE the magenta nappy 🙂 and well done Lisa!

  6. I love the celery its such a nice shade of Green.

  7. I love the celery! And the little cupcake design is cute, though they are all gorgeous!

  8. I love the celery, would be really neat to see some more boyish designs 😉

    Is it possible to follow your blog on facebook? I tend to keep track of them better there 🙂

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