How does your garden grow?

Tomato Plants

Mine’s gone mad!!!  This wonderful summer weather is sure bumping things along.  I’m so thrilled that we actually have a good lot of useable plants from the seeds Lizzie and I sowed together (thanks Lizzie :-)).  Infact, I ended up having to give away quite a few mesculan and tomato plants as we had too many!  I still need to plant the carrot tape (tee hee, carrots on a tape cracks me up!), spring onion, and seed potatoes.  And then there’s the weeds that have taken over the empty section of the main vege garden, gaaahhhhh.

Cauli, brocolli & cabbage.

Look at all of the cauliflower, brocolli and cabbage!  I think the Naki girl’s might be receiving some wee vege gifts in a few weeks.  Can you spot the weed patch at the back?  I’m going to dig that over and plant the carrots etc there.


I’m quite proud of my celery and parsley too.  They were looking a bit grim there for a while, but they’ve come alive in the last week.  I think they’ll be ok.


Check out the lettuce and pak choy.  They have been so easy to grow, I’ll definately be sowing some more.  The strawberries are doing well, we haven’t have any produce from them yet but there a lots of plump white goodies that just need to redden.  YUM!


I was about to clean out the seed trays as we had a few ‘non producers’, and look what has popped up.  There’s a very teensy one in the adjacent tray too.  They are eggplant, according to my faded labels.  I can’t believe that they have come up, the trays have been bare for weeks.  I guess eggplant take their time?  It will be interesting to see how they grow. 



3 responses to “How does your garden grow?

  1. Your garden is looking fantastic. Isn’t it rewarding 🙂

  2. How wonderful…what a beautiful garden! We currently only have a ‘balcony’ garden (ie 4 planter boxes), but all are full of our lettuce. It’s fabulous not to have to buy vegies!

  3. Yes, isn’t it wonderful to be able to dig out your own veges for dinner! We realised that we didn’t have any potatoes this evening, so I went out into the garden and found some purple variety potatoes. They looked really cool with the kumera in the serving bowl.

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