It’s Freebie Monday again folks :-)

The winner of last weeks ‘Bib and Tucker’ nappy freebie is………………………………….

NEAK!!!  You’ve won one of our new Sweetie Pie Collection pocket nappies.  Contact me with your choice of nappy and I’ll courier if off to you :-).

Sweetie Pie Boys Aqua & Aqua copy  Sweetie Pie Girls Celery & Pastel Pink copy  Sweetie Pie Girls Magenta & Baby Pink   

So for this week, I’ve decided to offer something that you can design yourself.  Cool huh?  Up for grabs is a pair of these wee pretties:

IMG_3001  IMG_3004  IMG_3005

I’ve illustrated this pair with our friend, the curly little caterpillar from the ‘Little Dot’ Collection.  You can decide what you would like on your pair though, and I will paint it!  “But I’m not breastfeeding” you say.  Wouldn’t they make a cute wee gift for a new Mum :-).  You could ‘koha’ them to someone.

To enter: Simply leave a note with your image ideas, and you are in the draw.

🙂 Kate


13 responses to “It’s Freebie Monday again folks :-)

  1. hmm howsabout a cute little beasty representative of and/or to fend off “boobie monsters” 😛

  2. hehe – Cute Kate … do i see a new range 😉

    And Congrats Neak!

    hehe boobie monsters 😉

  3. Tee hee, boobie monsters. Love it!

  4. cupcakes 😉
    cows? hehehe

  5. I like cows 🙂

  6. OMG I won *shock* lol thanks Kate 🙂 will email you 🙂 squeallllllll Nina is going to have the cutest bum in town 🙂

  7. Yay Neak!
    Something to do with cats.

  8. rofl mum2girls you haven’t been watching Rove with their favourite “titty cat” footage have you?!?!

  9. Another Idea milk shakes 😆

  10. You guys crack me up. I can see this might become a new line for Bib and Tucker – quirky booby pads.

  11. Hehe very cute Kate How bout Boobie Baby

  12. How about cookies, (milk and cookies), or even a cute little bub with a milk moustache (got milk)

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