NZ’s own yarn sampler box!!

Have you heard about ‘Blendy’s NZ Yarn Sampler Box’?   If you love yarn & fibre, then you must visit Belinda’s site and take a wee look.  It’s super scrummy and the list of contributors is pretty fantastic!!  Here’s the blurb from Belinda’s site:

“It’s a treasure-trove box containing a variety of artisan yarns and other knitting-related items in sample quantities, which you will be able to enjoy touching, feeling, knitting, spinning, felting… and then you’ll know just what to buy for your next project. 

It’s a wonderful try-before-you-buy deal, because you don’t get the full touchy-feely experience with photographs when shopping online.

Blendy’s NZ Yarn Sampler Boxes are like a mini craft fair – you get a little bit of everything that knitters would enjoy, such as yarn, fibre, stitch markers, buttons, embellishments, gift cards, delicious treats – all made by fantastic (mostly) NZ creatives. I want to share my love of supporting the amazing crafts New Zealanders make with the rest of the world. There will also be a few amazing international samples, because we love them too.

If you like the samples in your box, please make sure you check out the suppliers websites and see what other great stuff you can buy!”

Belinda has created a Ravelry group, so you can keep up to date with the latest Blendy news and oogle over the scrummy goodies that have been contributed, and she has also set up a wee Blendy blog with even more piccies & yarny info.  CHECK IT OUT!!

🙂 Kate


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