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How does your garden grow?

The garden in this little corner of the world has gone quite mad.  We have an abundance of cabbage, silverbeet (it’s really taking over!), butter and purple beans, rhubarb, a few pumpkin plants that are very happy with the current climate, a single zuchinni plant which is also VERY productive at the moment (evidence follows………), strawberries, lettuce, chives, parsley, celery, eggplant and fifty million (o.k, slight exageration) cherry and big red tomatoes.  I think that’s it??  Ooh, no I forgot the main crop in the garden, the potatoes.  Take one bag of seed potatoes from the Warehouse, add some potato fertiliser, an afternoon of serious digging, a few weeks, and you have a rather HUGE crop of potato plants.  The cauli and brocolli were abundant, but they largely went to seed.  Those that didn’t were savaged by nasty wee white butterflies, despite my religious removal of said nasties.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

This evenings pickings: three cute little cherry tomatoes (there’ll be 5 or so ready tomorrow, yipee), beans, and a lovely cabbage.  Isn’t it satisfying growing your own food.  I must plant the next lot of seeds.  Thanks so much for getting me started on this seed raising adventure Lizzie, I’m having a lot of fun :-).


The marrow that I forgot to pick…………………………………………………………..

We’re going to hollow it out and stuff with mince/onion mix and bake for dinner tomorrow night.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

xxx Kate


New Zealand Fibre Swap Goodies

I was lucky enough to receive a stunning package from the fantabulous Suzie (aka Deepcreek)in the recent NZFS on Ravelry.  Suzie has been incredibly generous.

First, the coolest card that has had me cracking up!

image title

Everything together:
image title

We have the most divine fibre I have ever seen(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM). Mystery wool carded with firestar (YUMMO!), and corriedale with sari silk. OMG, the photos really do not do this justice, it is just beautiful.

image title
Drooling yet??

image title 

Mystery wool and firestar.

Cotton (How did you know I’ve been wanting some for dishcloths)
Many, many embroidery threads and holders (so scrummy!)
image title

DMC thread holder (although I’ve been eyeing it up for needles too)
Wee childs pattern for beanie & tunic
image title

It was all beautifully packaged in a fibreous green paper (which I’m keeping ‘cos it’s so yummy, bwaaahaahaahaahaa)
image title

Thankyou so much Suzie, you have put a lot of thought into this and I LOVE it :-)))))).

Back for the New Year :-)

Sorry about the tardiness of late, life has been busy.  Time to catch up now though!

We’ve been doing lots of crafting.  Here’s Miss Rio, Jade (very cute wee niece) and myself having a go at painting.  Miss Charlea joined in too (that was messy!).  These ended up as pressies for Grandad who has just turned 75.


As part of the bithday celebrations, we went out to the Sugar Loaf Islands with ‘Chaddy’s Charters’.  John stayed at home with Miss C., and Rio and I braved the high seas.  She was very brave infact, considering it was her first time on a boat and it was a rather choppy, wet ride.  Both my sister and sister in law lost their breakfast, tee hee.  Poor Julie(SIL) looked very green for most of the trip, and was happy to get back to land I think.



I’ll be back later eith more to report.  xx Kate