Back for the New Year :-)

Sorry about the tardiness of late, life has been busy.  Time to catch up now though!

We’ve been doing lots of crafting.  Here’s Miss Rio, Jade (very cute wee niece) and myself having a go at painting.  Miss Charlea joined in too (that was messy!).  These ended up as pressies for Grandad who has just turned 75.


As part of the bithday celebrations, we went out to the Sugar Loaf Islands with ‘Chaddy’s Charters’.  John stayed at home with Miss C., and Rio and I braved the high seas.  She was very brave infact, considering it was her first time on a boat and it was a rather choppy, wet ride.  Both my sister and sister in law lost their breakfast, tee hee.  Poor Julie(SIL) looked very green for most of the trip, and was happy to get back to land I think.



I’ll be back later eith more to report.  xx Kate


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