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a wee competition

Hello lovelies :-). There’s a competition running over at Facebook.

I’m illustrating a new selection of OOAK’s (One of a Kind Pocket Nappies) at the moment and thought you might like to join me as a designer! So, what would you like to see illustrated on a b&t??? And style wise – Shabbychic/retro/vintage/abstract?

TO ENTER: Describe your dream b&t ooak and you are in the running to WIN IT! Extra entries for each shout out, blog post, link etc that you do for b&t (no limit, tee hee). Competition closes 30th Oct.

HAVE FUN! 🙂 Kate



Daily treat on Facebook today……………Pick any print pocket for $25. Limit 4 per customer. Today only!! Message or write on my wall to claim discount. 😉 Kate


Congratulations to Kristy, the winner of the ‘Bib and Tucker’ Photo Competition! 

Check out my facebook page for daily updates to be in to win in upcoming competitions.

🙂 Kate


COMPETITION – Add a photo/photos of your wee poppit in their Bib and Tucker nappy, to my Bib and Tucker Facebook album. One lucky ducky will win a B&T gift voucher.

Post a comment/blog about it/share etc to let me know what you’ve done and you’ll get another entry. 1 entry per nattering! Competition runs today and tomorrow…. Draw 8.30am Thurs. GO!!

Our wee corner


We’ve had lots of parties to prepare for, and Rio has been busy crafting away creating cards and lovely artwork for gifts.  She’s very keen on drawing at the moment, and everything has cellotape stuck to it (often in multiple layers).  We are using lots of stickers too, yay for the $2 shop!!


I’ve been sewing wipes including these pirate and stripe wee numbers.  I’ve decided that while the turning and top stitching takes considerably longer to do, it looks so much nicer and will surely be more durable than overlocking.  So, that’s what I’m doing with all ‘Bib and Tucker’ wipes.


One of the wee gifts I’ve made is this little smocket for Miss Molly who has just turned two.  Happy birthday Molly!  It’s purely made from stash, I’m on a self imposed fabric buying ban at the moment due to the overflowing cupboards of supplies that have somehow invaded our house, ahem.  It’s made with a cotton knit print on one side, and polarfleece on the other.


And, what to do on a stormy day, decorate the cardboard play house!  Hours of fun.

See you tomorrow for the ‘Bib and Tucker’ DAILY TREAT.  🙂 Kate



1. The first person to reply – 50% off their purchase (value up to $100)
2. The second person to reply – 25% off their purchase
3. The third person to reply – $10% off their purchase
…All orders today – free gift.

* Grab your DAILY TREAT on my wall or message me on Facebook only. First in first served. Only available to Facebook Nappy Nutters (not on website). GO GADGET!!!!


Hello everyone :-). I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend and haven’t been blown away yet? Keep sending your mates to my Facebook page, we’re nearly at 200 fans!! Remember the COMPETITION – Someone will WIN a ‘Bib and Tucker’ nappy of their choice when we get to 200!


After yet another weekend of birthday parties and overindulging in sugary treats (tee hee), I’ve decided to tempt you with ‘DAILY TREATS’ at ‘Bib and Tucker’, starting TOMORROW!!! Keep checking my Facebook page, first in gets the biggest piece of the cake (there’…s no table manners going on here). Party begins at 9am tomorrow morning. See you there!  🙂 Kate