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birthday girls

The girls have had their 2nd and 4th birthday parties over the past two weekends.  It has been a great distraction from the scritchy scratchy chicken pox. 

Rio decided that as Charlea had a monkey cake last year, she needed to have one this year.  Yay for Mummy!!  Ugh.  So, Rio got a monkey cake, and I managed to convince her that Charlea really wanted a fairy cake (as opposed to the train cake she decided Charlea needed, which she had had last year!).

So, lots of butter cream icing and a friendly icing bag later, we have two birthday cakes.  Whew.  I’ve just polished off the last piece of Charlea’s cake.  That’ll help the much needed root canal!


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes

Does anyone know whether there is such a group as ‘Cupcake Addicts Anonymous’?, because I think I have developed a fetish.  These little parcels of sugary goodness are SO addictive, and the wee sprinkles in the cupboard keep calling me to scatter them over some fresh butter cream icing, arrrrgggghhhh!

I’m thinking the next batch needs to be chocolate based.  Lemon and orange are fine but cupcakes should really be chocolate shouldn’t they??  So, share your cupcake recipes with me pleeeeeeaaaassssseee.  The more sinfully chocolatey the better :-).

Here we have a wee piccy of my first batch, this was for Dd’s birthday a few weeks ago.   Let’s just say the icing etc has become a little more controlled since then!


The reason for all this cupcake madness is because one needs to properly research the items that they are painting.  And as one of the new Designer Collections will include cupcakes, I HAD to try them didn’t I??!!  Tee, hee. 

Speaking of cupcakes, here’s a prototype of an ‘All in One’ I’m looking at making.  What do you think?  This design is called ‘cupcake’.

cupcake wool pocket

And the littlest one’s birthday cake…..

Monkey cake Monkey cake 2

Dd2 turned 1 the following week, so I continued on with the butter cream & fondant theme and made a ‘birthday monkey’ cake.  This time is sent Dh out to get a cake mix so the cake was actually edible, tee hee.

Birthday madness of late…..

ITNG cake ITNG cake 2 ITNG cake 3 ITNG cake 4

Dd1 and Dd 2 have had their 3rd and 1st birthday parties in the last couple of weeks.  So, we have been in sweet treat heaven :-). 

Dd1 decided that she wanted a ‘green’ birhday cake (much to my astonishment, what happened to the fairy themed party that was planned?!!).  Right, a green cake, o.k.  Hmmmmmmm, oh yes, ‘In the Night Garden’!! 

I had been oogling over cupcakes for several weeks (inspired by the scrummy book we had taken out of the local library in preparation for the party, and as a result of the hours I have been spending trawling the internet for cupcake imagery for my new collection).  So, I thought I would try a bit of fondant icing, and a bit of butter cream icing.  Both techniques were new to me.  Madness without a test run you say?  Yes, quite possibly, but, lets wing it anyway!!

This was the end result.  A Ninky Nonk  Train cake, with some sort of a garden type theme going on!!  (Feel free to laugh now).  The cake was a complete flop (literally), but the icing was yummy, and Dd loved it.