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How does your garden grow?

The garden in this little corner of the world has gone quite mad.  We have an abundance of cabbage, silverbeet (it’s really taking over!), butter and purple beans, rhubarb, a few pumpkin plants that are very happy with the current climate, a single zuchinni plant which is also VERY productive at the moment (evidence follows………), strawberries, lettuce, chives, parsley, celery, eggplant and fifty million (o.k, slight exageration) cherry and big red tomatoes.  I think that’s it??  Ooh, no I forgot the main crop in the garden, the potatoes.  Take one bag of seed potatoes from the Warehouse, add some potato fertiliser, an afternoon of serious digging, a few weeks, and you have a rather HUGE crop of potato plants.  The cauli and brocolli were abundant, but they largely went to seed.  Those that didn’t were savaged by nasty wee white butterflies, despite my religious removal of said nasties.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

This evenings pickings: three cute little cherry tomatoes (there’ll be 5 or so ready tomorrow, yipee), beans, and a lovely cabbage.  Isn’t it satisfying growing your own food.  I must plant the next lot of seeds.  Thanks so much for getting me started on this seed raising adventure Lizzie, I’m having a lot of fun :-).


The marrow that I forgot to pick…………………………………………………………..

We’re going to hollow it out and stuff with mince/onion mix and bake for dinner tomorrow night.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

xxx Kate


How does your garden grow?

Tomato Plants

Mine’s gone mad!!!  This wonderful summer weather is sure bumping things along.  I’m so thrilled that we actually have a good lot of useable plants from the seeds Lizzie and I sowed together (thanks Lizzie :-)).  Infact, I ended up having to give away quite a few mesculan and tomato plants as we had too many!  I still need to plant the carrot tape (tee hee, carrots on a tape cracks me up!), spring onion, and seed potatoes.  And then there’s the weeds that have taken over the empty section of the main vege garden, gaaahhhhh.

Cauli, brocolli & cabbage.

Look at all of the cauliflower, brocolli and cabbage!  I think the Naki girl’s might be receiving some wee vege gifts in a few weeks.  Can you spot the weed patch at the back?  I’m going to dig that over and plant the carrots etc there.


I’m quite proud of my celery and parsley too.  They were looking a bit grim there for a while, but they’ve come alive in the last week.  I think they’ll be ok.


Check out the lettuce and pak choy.  They have been so easy to grow, I’ll definately be sowing some more.  The strawberries are doing well, we haven’t have any produce from them yet but there a lots of plump white goodies that just need to redden.  YUM!


I was about to clean out the seed trays as we had a few ‘non producers’, and look what has popped up.  There’s a very teensy one in the adjacent tray too.  They are eggplant, according to my faded labels.  I can’t believe that they have come up, the trays have been bare for weeks.  I guess eggplant take their time?  It will be interesting to see how they grow. 


Lots of growth

It seems there’s a lot happening around the place at the moment.  New hobbies, new nappies, new growth in the garden (and that includes the weeds!) and new yarn swaps.

Naki 'Kiwiana' Yarn Swap

My Naki knitting girls and I decided to share in a ‘Kiwiana’ yarn swap.  Here’s the parcel I prepared for Angela.  I named it ‘Wave Waltz’ after the scrummy hand dyed roving I bought, which I used to spin the thick & thin single. 




The contents were: 1 hank of handspun ‘Wave Waltz’ wool, a ‘Wave Waltz’ nappy kit in a recycled jar, a pair of handpainted Bib and Tucker breastpads, a handmade felt hairclip, and a wee handmade ‘shrinky dink’ brooch.


Bib and Tucker breastpads

IMG_3004  IMG_3005

HAIRCLIP                                                                                BROOCH

IMG_2991  IMG_2990

And here’s what I received from the talented Kristy……………(this is SO cool)……………….

Kristy chose a pukeko theme and hand dyed the 4ply yarn to match the colours of the pukeko.  She also included a block of fair trade chocolate, a really cute book for the girls, a wee pukeko notebook, and an awesome sock pattern to match.  WOW!!  How lucky am I?  She even presented it all in a pukeko blue box, with pukeko red ribbon and a little pukeko card.  Thankyou Kristy, I really love it :-).  I’m being very diligent and am finishing off the current pair of socks before I start the new pair (It’s taking some serious restraint though!).

Check out our resident Naki photographers (Sheryl, Hannah,  and Sam’s )sites for more detailed piccies of the evening.

We have a new visitor at our house.  He’s made himself quite at home.  He visits every afternoon just after lunch, in time to finish off the bits and bobs that the kids discard.  Here we have ‘baby hedgehog’.  Isn’t he squishy?!!!  We are calling him ‘Mr Hedgehog’ as the original Mr Hedgehog decided to depart this world last week :-(.  Our new Mr Hedgehog is very tame, he is quite happy for us to sit next to him while he eats.  You should see his little teeth and tongue.  So cute!


I’ve been busy making custom orders this week, so there won’t be an update this Monday.  But, here’s a wee peek at one of the OOAK nappies I’ve just finished for a customer.  This will be winging its way overseas for an international nappy swap.



Don’t forget to enter this weeks ‘Freebie Monday draw.  I’ll be back on Monday with the winner and piccies of next weeks prize.  See you then!

🙂 Kate

Rainy days

The weather today has been rather feisty, and the tins have been looking a bit bare after the last batch of cupcakes was snaffled, so Dd and I decided that the best solution was a little bit of baking.  What to make?  CUPCAKES of course.  This time I used the lemon cupcake recipe, leaving out the lemon rind and adding lots of cocoa, tee hee.



These are the easiest little treat to make with a simple flower tip on the icing bag and a few fairy sprinkles.  Dd decided that she wanted to decorate hers with a mixture of sweet decorations.



I plyed my first attempt at spinning last night.   The result is hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting.  The fibre (which we are not sure what it is) was very harsh to ply.  There was another wee bundle of roving in the same bag that I was given to spin with, which is so much easier to work with.  A lot softer, and easy to get a reasonably fine ply.  I’m popping these first attempts on here, feel free to laugh!!  They are just so I have a record of how this new obsession started.  I promise to improve.


The original wool colour.  I’ve dyed one hank and left one natural.


More super scummy yarn.  This is one of the latest colourways from Vintage Purls.  Colour:  Cabaret.  Oh my, I don’t know if I can unwind the hank.  I keep stroking it and staring longingly into the strands to study the dyeing.  Divine, divine, divine.  If you haven’t got any, you must.  I also purchased a few circulars, so the sock knitting shall begin (again).  Note: NEVER use dpns to knit socks.  It WILL end in tears.


And the seed raising continues.  This is very exciting stuff.  Really.  We now have many tomato plants, a few lettuce popping through, cucumber, beans plus a garden full of about 40 odd cauliflower and broccoli (I got a bit carried away at the market), beans, silverbeet, buttercrunch lettuce, bok choy, mesculun, chives, parsley, celery, strawberries, potatoes and lots of weeds.  Still to plant: potatoes, carrots, spring onion and tomatoes to re-pot.  I think that’s it??