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Our wee corner


We’ve had lots of parties to prepare for, and Rio has been busy crafting away creating cards and lovely artwork for gifts.  She’s very keen on drawing at the moment, and everything has cellotape stuck to it (often in multiple layers).  We are using lots of stickers too, yay for the $2 shop!!


I’ve been sewing wipes including these pirate and stripe wee numbers.  I’ve decided that while the turning and top stitching takes considerably longer to do, it looks so much nicer and will surely be more durable than overlocking.  So, that’s what I’m doing with all ‘Bib and Tucker’ wipes.


One of the wee gifts I’ve made is this little smocket for Miss Molly who has just turned two.  Happy birthday Molly!  It’s purely made from stash, I’m on a self imposed fabric buying ban at the moment due to the overflowing cupboards of supplies that have somehow invaded our house, ahem.  It’s made with a cotton knit print on one side, and polarfleece on the other.


And, what to do on a stormy day, decorate the cardboard play house!  Hours of fun.

See you tomorrow for the ‘Bib and Tucker’ DAILY TREAT.  🙂 Kate



Hello everyone :-). I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend and haven’t been blown away yet? Keep sending your mates to my Facebook page, we’re nearly at 200 fans!! Remember the COMPETITION – Someone will WIN a ‘Bib and Tucker’ nappy of their choice when we get to 200!


After yet another weekend of birthday parties and overindulging in sugary treats (tee hee), I’ve decided to tempt you with ‘DAILY TREATS’ at ‘Bib and Tucker’, starting TOMORROW!!! Keep checking my Facebook page, first in gets the biggest piece of the cake (there’…s no table manners going on here). Party begins at 9am tomorrow morning. See you there!  🙂 Kate

birthday girls

The girls have had their 2nd and 4th birthday parties over the past two weekends.  It has been a great distraction from the scritchy scratchy chicken pox. 

Rio decided that as Charlea had a monkey cake last year, she needed to have one this year.  Yay for Mummy!!  Ugh.  So, Rio got a monkey cake, and I managed to convince her that Charlea really wanted a fairy cake (as opposed to the train cake she decided Charlea needed, which she had had last year!).

So, lots of butter cream icing and a friendly icing bag later, we have two birthday cakes.  Whew.  I’ve just polished off the last piece of Charlea’s cake.  That’ll help the much needed root canal!

Shake yourself up

It’s been some time since I did a blog entry, ahem.  With the earthquake that has hit the South Island this week I realised that I want to make the most of every day, and to record and ponder a bit more.  So, I’m back.  And so is bibandtucker, on Etsy at least.  Slowely at the moment, but I aim to paint and craft to my little hearts content and record the process. 

I have crafty plans for b&t.  Time to rev it up a little I think.  I’ll be pottering away on that over the next few months.  Here’s some new additions to the b&t etsy shop:


Life has been busy, as always since Jan.  Two wee poppits have me running most days. We’ve had little girls’ birthday parties, one last weekend and one today.  The girls’ have been very lucky to receive beautiful gifts, including a handcrafted wee smocket made by Sam.  It’s just lovely, I try to coaxe Rio into wearing it daily.


Thanks Sam 🙂

The birthday party invite

skirt for Addison skirt for Addison 2

Dd1 was invited to one of her lovely little friend’s birthday party a few weeks ago.  So what would a two year old like for her birthday?  Well Dd thought a fairy skirt was in order, so we whipped up a couple of numbers from the ever expanding fabric stash.  Dd got one too, it was the prototype (which was lucky as there were some serious design flaws!!)

Gosh, how I loooooove Spotlight.  All of the fabric was from their $1m sales tables last season, and PERFECT for some little girl sewing.  Yay!!