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Naki Knitters Swap Night

My local group of knitting/nattering nutters and I had our latest yarn swap last night at Lizzie’s place.  As usual, there was a lot of excitement about with the swap parcels all lined up in front of the fire place.  The theme for this swap was ‘Your favourite fairytale’, I chose Cinderella, and my swap partner Sheryl, chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

The parcels were to include hand dyed wool, a wee gift to the value of $10NZ, and a food item, all relating to our theme.

Here’s the parcel I put together for Sheryl.  Theme:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I decided to focus on the poison apple and kettle dyed some Bendigo Wool Mills merino in a ‘poison’ colourway.  The wee purse next to the yarn is a felted/handpainted/embroidered ‘Wandering Woodland’ purse, representing the walk Snow White made through the woods on her travels to meet the dwarfs.



The girls’ and I felted a scattering of ‘pebbles’ and a scented soap, to represent the stones/pebbles throughout the trail in the woods.


I made a ‘Poison Apple Tree’ card using a combination of printmaking/painting and ink to create the illustration.  Rio decorated the inside with drawings of crocodiles, lions, and tigers.  We finished it off with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a packet of ‘Pebbles’ (the edible choccy kind) in a cane basket with a handle and wee red bows.


Nyree put together a beautiful package of goodies for my theme ‘Cinderella’.  She chose a really pretty hank of  ‘Touch Yarn’ 4 ply on soft pink/lavender/peach tones, it’s really scrummy!   Nyree is a bit of a crack up, and included a packet of ‘The Natural Confectionary Company’s’ Sour Worms which represent the evil step sisters!  She’s given me a packet of pumpkin seeds and a very nice, sweet looking pumpkin which is going to become part of a roast vege salad for dinner this week.  Little Miss Charlea’s favourite part of the gift is the shiny purple paper weight that Nyree got from TradeAid.  She has been running off with it this morning, yelling “Mine!”.  The parcel was all wrapped up in handmade paper wrap (which I’ll reuse to make cards etc with thanks Nyree) and a pretty wee bow (which will also be reused!).  Thanks Nyree 🙂 Kate



Our wee corner


We’ve had lots of parties to prepare for, and Rio has been busy crafting away creating cards and lovely artwork for gifts.  She’s very keen on drawing at the moment, and everything has cellotape stuck to it (often in multiple layers).  We are using lots of stickers too, yay for the $2 shop!!


I’ve been sewing wipes including these pirate and stripe wee numbers.  I’ve decided that while the turning and top stitching takes considerably longer to do, it looks so much nicer and will surely be more durable than overlocking.  So, that’s what I’m doing with all ‘Bib and Tucker’ wipes.


One of the wee gifts I’ve made is this little smocket for Miss Molly who has just turned two.  Happy birthday Molly!  It’s purely made from stash, I’m on a self imposed fabric buying ban at the moment due to the overflowing cupboards of supplies that have somehow invaded our house, ahem.  It’s made with a cotton knit print on one side, and polarfleece on the other.


And, what to do on a stormy day, decorate the cardboard play house!  Hours of fun.

See you tomorrow for the ‘Bib and Tucker’ DAILY TREAT.  🙂 Kate



1. The first person to reply – 50% off their purchase (value up to $100)
2. The second person to reply – 25% off their purchase
3. The third person to reply – $10% off their purchase
…All orders today – free gift.

* Grab your DAILY TREAT on my wall or message me on Facebook only. First in first served. Only available to Facebook Nappy Nutters (not on website). GO GADGET!!!!

Shake yourself up

It’s been some time since I did a blog entry, ahem.  With the earthquake that has hit the South Island this week I realised that I want to make the most of every day, and to record and ponder a bit more.  So, I’m back.  And so is bibandtucker, on Etsy at least.  Slowely at the moment, but I aim to paint and craft to my little hearts content and record the process. 

I have crafty plans for b&t.  Time to rev it up a little I think.  I’ll be pottering away on that over the next few months.  Here’s some new additions to the b&t etsy shop:


Life has been busy, as always since Jan.  Two wee poppits have me running most days. We’ve had little girls’ birthday parties, one last weekend and one today.  The girls’ have been very lucky to receive beautiful gifts, including a handcrafted wee smocket made by Sam.  It’s just lovely, I try to coaxe Rio into wearing it daily.


Thanks Sam 🙂

Fluffy Freebie Monday

Thanks so much for all the interesting and scrummy speculation about what the little people in this room box are eating for christmas dessert.  Check out the photo to see what treats they are in for this year.  They have their plates full of food already, and also have a selection of chicken, ham with trimmings, lettuce salad, pavlova with peach slices, christmas pudding with custard (and a bowl of fresh cream), and a traditional christmas cake with a pretty little red bow around it.  Whew, no wonder Santa went awol when we moved house.  He’s probably stuck up the chimney!!!

The winner of last weeks Freebie Monday prize of a newborn Bib and Tucker minky nappy is………….


Contact me with your info and I’ll get your fluffy wee prize in the post 🙂

Freebie Monday will be on hold here at Bib and Tucker now until the christmas rush is over.  I’ll still be doing crafty blogging (there a lots of swap piccies to load up soon). 

🙂 Kate

Touch Yarns & Fab Fibres at Blendy’s

You know how brushing your teeth is pretty much a ‘must do’ to help you avoid those nasty cavities?  Well, Blendy’s NZ Yarn Sampler Box is a ‘must have’ if you want to avoid gaping holes in your fibre stash!!!

Belinda has sourced samples from two truly scrummy yarn suppliers: Touch Yarns & Fab Fibres.


Touch Yarns  offer a delicious range of yarn ..‘from the finest New Zealand Merino wool ideal for knitting, weaving, embroidery, felting and embellishment of garments.  All Touch Yarns and colours are designed by Marnie Kelly, inspired by the stark beauty of thyme fields, mountains and the historic goldfields of Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand’.  Check out the range!  


How scrummy is THAT!  Not only do they offer yarn, but also Scarf & Jumper Kits, Hand Dyed Mohair & Merino Sliver (YUUUUMMMM!!!), Mohair Curls (for doll making or art yarn), Bamboo Knitting Needles,  a Selection of buttons, beads & threads, and Handwoven & Handknitted Garments & Rugs.

Touch Yarns are exported around the world, aswell as being snaffled up by eager NZ fibre enthusiasts.  Hop over to their site!


It’s Freebie Monday again folks :-). 

Our winner of last weeks draw for the hand dyed hank of wool is……………….

HANNAH!!!!  Congrats matey, luck is on your side at the moment with prize draws huh?!!

This week we have  a squishy little fluffy parcel of nappy goodness up for grabs.  A newborn ‘Bib and Tucker’ Rainbow Minky Pocket Nappy with baby blue snaps and microfleece.  Soooooo cute.  It is really strokeable and super scrummy. 

To enter, simply take a look at the miniature scene below and tell me what you think the little people that live in this house would be eating for dessert after their delicious Christmas roast lunch.  Good luck!!