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Yarn Swap Pressies

I have fluffy mail!!!! I have fluffy mail!!!! I have fluffy mail!!!! 

I’ve just received my gift package for the Yarn Book Swap that I’m doing.  Yipeeeeeeeeeee.  The book I chose was ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s basically a story of self discovery and finding your way in life.

My fantabulous swappee searched the authors website for inspiration on colours and found a picture of Gili Meno Island, off Bali, where the author visited on her travels. The Patons Patonyle 4 Ply sock yarn has been lovingly dyed using Ashford acid wool dyes to match. Teal Blue represents the sky and sea, Leaf green for the sea and the vegetation, and Tan for the tree/wood and the sand.  SCRUMMY!!!!!!!  

For the sock pattern my swappee chose Traffic Island.  A very lovely wee pattern that will look just perfect with the yarn.  

For the recipe we have a tropical theme too. My swappee bypassed the ‘suckling pig’ (whole pig on a spit) Hysterical laugh recipe (thankyou!!!!), and instead chose an Allyson Gofton recipe.  ‘Coconut Muesli’ is based on the breakfast muesli that she at at the Honeymoon Guest House in Bali.

And the gift, I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package!!!! 300gms of MERINO FLEECE. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New and Old

It seems that it’s gift season at the moment.  Everyone is busily preparing for gift giving of some kind or another, whether it be Christmas, birthday, koha or swap related.  I am reminded that my latest wool dyeing efforts have eluded the camera, so I thought I should snap some piccies before they disappear.


I won’t go into too much detail as these are yet to be gifted, but they were dyed using my new powder dyes and were steamed on the stove top.  I’m finally getting my dyeing technique sussed, and LOVE the effect of using variable dye percentages and tones that steaming allows.


My new spinning buddy, Sam popped over a couple of days ago with her latest invention.  A swift case!!  She had one for me and one for herself to house her new swift when it arrives.  Thanks so much Sam, it is just perfect and makes a much nicer home than the brown paper wrapping :-).  Miss Sam is going into production with these I think, so support young Kiwi talent and buy one!!!  Check out her lovely blog too.


I finally finished spinning my first attempt at sock weight yarn.  This was the chocolate and neopolitan roving that I bought a couple of months ago from Vintage Purls.  I’m happy with it now that I have it on the needles, it’s lovely to knit with and is shaping up to be a scrummy little pair of socks.  The pattern is Up, Up and Away by Megan S. Wright.  Thanks to Kristy who gifted it to me in our latest Naki yarn swap :-).  Ooh, and I have finished my Opal socks too.  Thank goodness.  Note to self; NEVER knit a pair of plain knit socks EVER again.  B.O.R.I.N.G!!  I’ll take some piccies sometime :-).

We have finally got most of our ‘junk’ out of Mum and Dad’s garage now that we are in a larger house.  Here’s some little treasures I found amongst my folders of work from Uni days.  They are by no means the best of work, but they are nice to have around.  It’s rather strange looking back, that seems like a lifetime ago.  Those of you with children will understand what I mean.  I love being a Mum, but I should really get back into illustration and life drawing in particular.  I miss charcoal and oils and the freedom and endless possibilities that they allow.  One day.

Lots of growth

It seems there’s a lot happening around the place at the moment.  New hobbies, new nappies, new growth in the garden (and that includes the weeds!) and new yarn swaps.

Naki 'Kiwiana' Yarn Swap

My Naki knitting girls and I decided to share in a ‘Kiwiana’ yarn swap.  Here’s the parcel I prepared for Angela.  I named it ‘Wave Waltz’ after the scrummy hand dyed roving I bought, which I used to spin the thick & thin single. 




The contents were: 1 hank of handspun ‘Wave Waltz’ wool, a ‘Wave Waltz’ nappy kit in a recycled jar, a pair of handpainted Bib and Tucker breastpads, a handmade felt hairclip, and a wee handmade ‘shrinky dink’ brooch.


Bib and Tucker breastpads

IMG_3004  IMG_3005

HAIRCLIP                                                                                BROOCH

IMG_2991  IMG_2990

And here’s what I received from the talented Kristy……………(this is SO cool)……………….

Kristy chose a pukeko theme and hand dyed the 4ply yarn to match the colours of the pukeko.  She also included a block of fair trade chocolate, a really cute book for the girls, a wee pukeko notebook, and an awesome sock pattern to match.  WOW!!  How lucky am I?  She even presented it all in a pukeko blue box, with pukeko red ribbon and a little pukeko card.  Thankyou Kristy, I really love it :-).  I’m being very diligent and am finishing off the current pair of socks before I start the new pair (It’s taking some serious restraint though!).

Check out our resident Naki photographers (Sheryl, Hannah,  and Sam’s )sites for more detailed piccies of the evening.

We have a new visitor at our house.  He’s made himself quite at home.  He visits every afternoon just after lunch, in time to finish off the bits and bobs that the kids discard.  Here we have ‘baby hedgehog’.  Isn’t he squishy?!!!  We are calling him ‘Mr Hedgehog’ as the original Mr Hedgehog decided to depart this world last week :-(.  Our new Mr Hedgehog is very tame, he is quite happy for us to sit next to him while he eats.  You should see his little teeth and tongue.  So cute!


I’ve been busy making custom orders this week, so there won’t be an update this Monday.  But, here’s a wee peek at one of the OOAK nappies I’ve just finished for a customer.  This will be winging its way overseas for an international nappy swap.



Don’t forget to enter this weeks ‘Freebie Monday draw.  I’ll be back on Monday with the winner and piccies of next weeks prize.  See you then!

🙂 Kate

Spinning and Socks

I have finished my first handspun hanks of wool.  Yipeeeeeeeee!!!  One is natural, the other pot dyed.  The colours are actually a little more intense than the photos show, but you get the idea :-). 

'Ocean' Handspun

'Ocean' Handspun


'Ocean' Handspun detail

'Ocean' Handspun detail


'Ocean' Handspun detail 2

'Ocean' Handspun detail 2


'Natural' Handspun

'Natural' Handspun

 I went a bit overboard and ordered a selection of carded fleece from Trademe.   Amongst the selection is a kilo(tee hee) of white Polwarth fleece which is apparently lovely to spin with, and reasonably priced. 

Polwarth Roving

Polwarth Roving

And some coloured fleece may have been looking for a new home too :-).  Tee hee.
Merino & Silk Sliver

Merino & Silk Sliver



'Earth' Merino

'Earth' Merino

'Wave Waltz' Merino

'Wave Waltz' Merino

The sock knitting is going well also.  I can see why people become obsessed with it.  I love anything miniature, and seeing the pattern appear as you knit is very motivating!  I’m using Opal sock yarn and the new Knit Pick cable I got from Vintage Purls.  The pattern is ‘Beginner Socks, Magic Loop Variation’ published in Liat Knits.
First pair of socks
First pair of socks


Sock Knitting!!!

Ahh, I have finally given in and am now a true knitting geek, I knit socks (bwa haa haa haa).  But really, who could resist?  Look at the variety of scrummy wool that is available, and the equally scrummy patterns and combine that with my obsession with miniatures (of the dollshouse kind, not that I have time to make any now that I have two little ‘helpers’), and it is hardly surprising that I am travelling down this slippery slope to ‘knitting nerd’.  Come and join me!!!!

sock image

This is the wee precious that I will attempt to knit………….

Silver’s Sock Class by Kristin Bellehumeur

I have a ball of  Opal sock yarn, and am going to be borrowing the lovely Sheryl’s dpns tomorrow at knitting night.  I’m very excited really, I feel like a child with a 50c mixture!!  Watch this space, progress piccies will be appearing (don’t hold your breath though, I am SOCK KNITTING, it will be a slooooooooww process).