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You guessed it, more spinning

Sorry I’ve been awol for a few days.  We’ve had a few unexpected events occur in our little corner of the universe lately.  But, everything is calming down again, so I’ve snapped a few piccies of my latest spinning attempts.

Hand dyed thick & thin single

Hand dyed thick & thin single



I hand dyed a skein of the ‘unknown’ roving that I’ve been given to learn with, using the gladwrap & microwave method.  It has been spun into a thick & thin single, which I’ve set just as is.  I was going to ply it with some fine golden thread, but decided that it would have been a bit of overkill.

The aqua/blue merino/silk has eventuated into a scrummy little bundle.  I’ll definately be getting more to spin with.  Yum, scrum!  I’ve plyed it with some of the light grey unknown wool that I was given.  It’s about an 8 ply.



In other spinning news, the next Majacraft Magic Camp will be during the weekend of 19 – 21 February 2010. Soooooooooooo exciting!!!  It will be in Upper Hutt, so I get to spend a weekend spinning my little heart out, AND visit my long lost friends who I miss so much in Wellies.  (Hi Rachael!!!  Miss you!)

Lexi Boeger (Pluckyfluff) will be taking a two day workshop showing us how she makes art yarns.   Lexi is the author of “Handspun Revolution” and “Intertwined” and is the world’s leading exponent of this type of spinning.  Lexi’s work is just divine, we are very lucky to have her coming over to little old New Zealand 🙂 :-).  Are any of you going too?  I’d love to hear from you if you are.

'Spring Bird' Collection - Baby Blue

'Spring Bird' Collection - Baby Blue

A little birdie tells me that the new collections are just about ready for release.  I’m finding balancing work with raising two little girls and keeping a house in order a bit hectic to be honest.  I’m thinking of releasing the new collections slowely, every Monday like the fabulous Morag of Vintage Purl’s (hope you don’t mind me  sharing a Monday with you :-)).  I think this will give me a target to work towards, and it give you guys something to look forward to too.  I’ll let you all know when Monday Madness begins……….


Spring Yarn Swap

spring ball 2 

I have a newly revived obsession…………….wool dyeing.  Oh, it is just so exciting to work through the process and see what the result will be.  This is one of my latest dyeing jobs, a Spring Yarn Swap on TNN.   Our task was to create a hank of hand dyed wool, chose an appropriate knitting pattern and a recipe to match.

The theme for my swapper was ‘Spring Blossom’.  I set to dyeing Utiku 8ply with good old Hansells food colouring in varying tones of rose, blue and green as the main colours.  The dye is brushed onto the hank, which allowed overlapping of colours to achieve some scrummy nuances.  The result was a soft colourway which I thought would be perfect for a little girl’s dress.  The Spring Butterfly was my pattern of choice.   A stunning, cute little knit designed by Razz :-).


The recipe was for ‘Spring Blossom Cupcakes’, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (quite fitting really considering my cupcake obsession of late)!!  I included two little lavender crocheted flowers to go on the dress, and wrapped it all together in some delish magenta organza.  So much fun!!! 

Have you been wool dyeing lately too?  Leave me a comment with your website addy!  I’d love to drool :-).

More yarny goodness :-)

painting swap received all together  painting swap received 

My poor postie is probably wondering why I have been stalking the letterbox lately!  This STUNNINGLY scrummy yarn swap was peering out of the box when I got up yesterday.  Mmmmmmm, yarny goodness.

Here we have my parcel from a yet to be named swapper(yes I WILL find out who you are oh talented one!)in our TNN Painting Yarn Swap.  We each chose our favourite painting and this was the result!

I chose ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. 

the kiss  painting swap received ball top

My extremely talented swapper used the flowers at the bottom of the image as the basis for the wool, and O.M.G it is STUNNING. A VERY professional dye job.  The recipe is for Passionfruit Melting Moments which I’m going to make tomorrow (I even sent Dh to the supermarket on the way home just to get more butter for them).  The pattern is for ‘The Two Summer Sundress’. This pattern is just awesome, and Dd1 has already put her order in.

painting swap received pattern

My lovely swapper also included enough material to make two sundresses for my wee girls. It is a beautiful soft golden colour, with light floral patterning dancing across it.

‘The Nappy Network’ yarn swap heaven…

spring swap received all together spring swap received

I have a second home, it is called ‘The Nappy Network’ (TNN for short).  We have just completed a wee Spring themed yarn swap and here is what I received from the lovely Jo :-).

The theme is ‘Cherry Blossom Goodness’, the wool is dk dyed using the colours of cherry blossoms, and the pattern is ‘Cadence Rose Sundress’ on Ravelry.  Jo was also very naughty and included a set of beautiful stitch markers.  Thanks hon!!

Don’t know about Ravelry??  You SOOOOO have to check it out.  But you have been warned, it’s a serious time waster.

cadence rose dress

I’m part way through knitting it up, onto the skirt.  It is going to look soooo cute when it’s done.  I’ll pop some piccies on here this weekend :-).