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Our wee corner


We’ve had lots of parties to prepare for, and Rio has been busy crafting away creating cards and lovely artwork for gifts.  She’s very keen on drawing at the moment, and everything has cellotape stuck to it (often in multiple layers).  We are using lots of stickers too, yay for the $2 shop!!


I’ve been sewing wipes including these pirate and stripe wee numbers.  I’ve decided that while the turning and top stitching takes considerably longer to do, it looks so much nicer and will surely be more durable than overlocking.  So, that’s what I’m doing with all ‘Bib and Tucker’ wipes.


One of the wee gifts I’ve made is this little smocket for Miss Molly who has just turned two.  Happy birthday Molly!  It’s purely made from stash, I’m on a self imposed fabric buying ban at the moment due to the overflowing cupboards of supplies that have somehow invaded our house, ahem.  It’s made with a cotton knit print on one side, and polarfleece on the other.


And, what to do on a stormy day, decorate the cardboard play house!  Hours of fun.

See you tomorrow for the ‘Bib and Tucker’ DAILY TREAT.  🙂 Kate



I’ve finally given in to modern technology and have joined the world on facebook.  Become a friend, like my facebook page, blog about it, suggest it to a friend and you are in the draw to win a ‘Bib and Tucker’ nappy of your choice. Let me know what you’ve done and you’ll get one entry per ‘nattering’!  I’ll draw a name when we reach 200 fans! GO GADGET GO!!

I’ll be updating the page with daily temptations, so pop by to snaffle a treat.

🙂 Kate

Freebie Monday!!!

Yipeeeeee, it’s Bib and Tucker ‘Freebie Monday’ folks :-). 
Here’s what’s on offer for all you lovely crafters this week……..

It started life as this:

The bowl of goodies before spinning.............

The bowl of goodies before spinning.............

And spun into:

'Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles' Art Yarns

'Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles' Art Yarns



Detail 2

Detail 2

 Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles: A 70gm hank of hand spun funky art yarn

I’ve used a range of blue/purple/pink/white merino blends, that have been core spun onto a magenta boucle yarn to create an energetic thick & thin yarn.  This is super bulky, so would be suited to being used as an embelishment for a crafty project or knitted using a simple knit pattern.

How do I enter?  Just leave a comment below, and if you mention my blog or link to me on your website, you receive an additional entry :-).  I’ll leave each weeks freebie draw open until the following Monday, when I’ll announce the winner!  I’m happy to post overseas, so pop in and say hi.

🙂 Kate

Monday Madness!!!

Hi all 🙂

I’m just popping in to remind you to check back at 5pm tomorrow for ‘Bib and Tucker’ Monday Madness.  I’ll be releasing the first colourway in my new hand illustrated Designer Nappy Collection, AND there will be freebies.  Oh yes, it’s the start of  ‘Bib and Tucker’ Freebie Monday tomorrow, so I’ll be loading piccies of what’s up for offer this week.

See you tomorrow!  🙂 Kate

Bib and Tucker ‘Freebie Monday’

I’ve decided it’s time to give something back to the crafty world out there, considering how much inspiration all of you give me.  So, from this coming Monday I’m introducing Bib and Tucker ‘Freebie Monday’.  I’ll be offering handcrafted goodies (yes, there might be quite a bit of hand spun, bwah haa haa haa haa) for you to win each week. 

Come and visit on Monday at 5pm, NZ time and I’ll pop on here with a wee piccie of the weeks freebie.  I’ll announce how you can win on Monday’s post.

This coming Monday is also the launch day of our new Designer Nappy Collection, which will be released in limited editions each Monday.   The website will be updated with the collections each week.

I’ve just returned from spinning this evening, you know, the whole day event that I was talking about the other day.  Whoa, I’m a bit shattered, but learnt so much today.  I finished spinning the ‘Wave Waltz’ hand dyed merino single for my Naki wool swap, so will see if I can get that plyed tomorrow.  Piccies to come once it’s completed.  We are working on silk dying at the next Saturday meeting which promises to be fantastic.   See you there Naki girls!!

Right, I’m off to bed so that I have enough energy to start this wee crafty freebie that I have planned for Monday.  Bye.  🙂 Kate

A wee peek……

blog header

Dd1 is having some much needed play time with her little mates at her caregiver’s house today, so I’m going to fill this wee blog of mine with some crafty goodness . Here’s a peek at my work space, aka the office.

We have some fabric swatches that I oogle over to inspire me. Some half finished paintings that go with the cupcake theme I am currently obsessed with (ah yes, that may be a wee hint about the new Designer Range coming soon). Some thread, push-pins (In said cupcake theme pots, tee hee), lots of nappies awaiting painting, and a few other bits and bobs.