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Naki Knitters Swap Night

My local group of knitting/nattering nutters and I had our latest yarn swap last night at Lizzie’s place.  As usual, there was a lot of excitement about with the swap parcels all lined up in front of the fire place.  The theme for this swap was ‘Your favourite fairytale’, I chose Cinderella, and my swap partner Sheryl, chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

The parcels were to include hand dyed wool, a wee gift to the value of $10NZ, and a food item, all relating to our theme.

Here’s the parcel I put together for Sheryl.  Theme:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I decided to focus on the poison apple and kettle dyed some Bendigo Wool Mills merino in a ‘poison’ colourway.  The wee purse next to the yarn is a felted/handpainted/embroidered ‘Wandering Woodland’ purse, representing the walk Snow White made through the woods on her travels to meet the dwarfs.



The girls’ and I felted a scattering of ‘pebbles’ and a scented soap, to represent the stones/pebbles throughout the trail in the woods.


I made a ‘Poison Apple Tree’ card using a combination of printmaking/painting and ink to create the illustration.  Rio decorated the inside with drawings of crocodiles, lions, and tigers.  We finished it off with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a packet of ‘Pebbles’ (the edible choccy kind) in a cane basket with a handle and wee red bows.


Nyree put together a beautiful package of goodies for my theme ‘Cinderella’.  She chose a really pretty hank of  ‘Touch Yarn’ 4 ply on soft pink/lavender/peach tones, it’s really scrummy!   Nyree is a bit of a crack up, and included a packet of ‘The Natural Confectionary Company’s’ Sour Worms which represent the evil step sisters!  She’s given me a packet of pumpkin seeds and a very nice, sweet looking pumpkin which is going to become part of a roast vege salad for dinner this week.  Little Miss Charlea’s favourite part of the gift is the shiny purple paper weight that Nyree got from TradeAid.  She has been running off with it this morning, yelling “Mine!”.  The parcel was all wrapped up in handmade paper wrap (which I’ll reuse to make cards etc with thanks Nyree) and a pretty wee bow (which will also be reused!).  Thanks Nyree 🙂 Kate



Fluffy Freebie Monday

Thanks so much for all the interesting and scrummy speculation about what the little people in this room box are eating for christmas dessert.  Check out the photo to see what treats they are in for this year.  They have their plates full of food already, and also have a selection of chicken, ham with trimmings, lettuce salad, pavlova with peach slices, christmas pudding with custard (and a bowl of fresh cream), and a traditional christmas cake with a pretty little red bow around it.  Whew, no wonder Santa went awol when we moved house.  He’s probably stuck up the chimney!!!

The winner of last weeks Freebie Monday prize of a newborn Bib and Tucker minky nappy is………….


Contact me with your info and I’ll get your fluffy wee prize in the post 🙂

Freebie Monday will be on hold here at Bib and Tucker now until the christmas rush is over.  I’ll still be doing crafty blogging (there a lots of swap piccies to load up soon). 

🙂 Kate

Yarn Swap Pressies

I have fluffy mail!!!! I have fluffy mail!!!! I have fluffy mail!!!! 

I’ve just received my gift package for the Yarn Book Swap that I’m doing.  Yipeeeeeeeeeee.  The book I chose was ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s basically a story of self discovery and finding your way in life.

My fantabulous swappee searched the authors website for inspiration on colours and found a picture of Gili Meno Island, off Bali, where the author visited on her travels. The Patons Patonyle 4 Ply sock yarn has been lovingly dyed using Ashford acid wool dyes to match. Teal Blue represents the sky and sea, Leaf green for the sea and the vegetation, and Tan for the tree/wood and the sand.  SCRUMMY!!!!!!!  

For the sock pattern my swappee chose Traffic Island.  A very lovely wee pattern that will look just perfect with the yarn.  

For the recipe we have a tropical theme too. My swappee bypassed the ‘suckling pig’ (whole pig on a spit) Hysterical laugh recipe (thankyou!!!!), and instead chose an Allyson Gofton recipe.  ‘Coconut Muesli’ is based on the breakfast muesli that she at at the Honeymoon Guest House in Bali.

And the gift, I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package!!!! 300gms of MERINO FLEECE. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New and Old

It seems that it’s gift season at the moment.  Everyone is busily preparing for gift giving of some kind or another, whether it be Christmas, birthday, koha or swap related.  I am reminded that my latest wool dyeing efforts have eluded the camera, so I thought I should snap some piccies before they disappear.


I won’t go into too much detail as these are yet to be gifted, but they were dyed using my new powder dyes and were steamed on the stove top.  I’m finally getting my dyeing technique sussed, and LOVE the effect of using variable dye percentages and tones that steaming allows.


My new spinning buddy, Sam popped over a couple of days ago with her latest invention.  A swift case!!  She had one for me and one for herself to house her new swift when it arrives.  Thanks so much Sam, it is just perfect and makes a much nicer home than the brown paper wrapping :-).  Miss Sam is going into production with these I think, so support young Kiwi talent and buy one!!!  Check out her lovely blog too.


I finally finished spinning my first attempt at sock weight yarn.  This was the chocolate and neopolitan roving that I bought a couple of months ago from Vintage Purls.  I’m happy with it now that I have it on the needles, it’s lovely to knit with and is shaping up to be a scrummy little pair of socks.  The pattern is Up, Up and Away by Megan S. Wright.  Thanks to Kristy who gifted it to me in our latest Naki yarn swap :-).  Ooh, and I have finished my Opal socks too.  Thank goodness.  Note to self; NEVER knit a pair of plain knit socks EVER again.  B.O.R.I.N.G!!  I’ll take some piccies sometime :-).

We have finally got most of our ‘junk’ out of Mum and Dad’s garage now that we are in a larger house.  Here’s some little treasures I found amongst my folders of work from Uni days.  They are by no means the best of work, but they are nice to have around.  It’s rather strange looking back, that seems like a lifetime ago.  Those of you with children will understand what I mean.  I love being a Mum, but I should really get back into illustration and life drawing in particular.  I miss charcoal and oils and the freedom and endless possibilities that they allow.  One day.

Lots of growth

It seems there’s a lot happening around the place at the moment.  New hobbies, new nappies, new growth in the garden (and that includes the weeds!) and new yarn swaps.

Naki 'Kiwiana' Yarn Swap

My Naki knitting girls and I decided to share in a ‘Kiwiana’ yarn swap.  Here’s the parcel I prepared for Angela.  I named it ‘Wave Waltz’ after the scrummy hand dyed roving I bought, which I used to spin the thick & thin single. 




The contents were: 1 hank of handspun ‘Wave Waltz’ wool, a ‘Wave Waltz’ nappy kit in a recycled jar, a pair of handpainted Bib and Tucker breastpads, a handmade felt hairclip, and a wee handmade ‘shrinky dink’ brooch.


Bib and Tucker breastpads

IMG_3004  IMG_3005

HAIRCLIP                                                                                BROOCH

IMG_2991  IMG_2990

And here’s what I received from the talented Kristy……………(this is SO cool)……………….

Kristy chose a pukeko theme and hand dyed the 4ply yarn to match the colours of the pukeko.  She also included a block of fair trade chocolate, a really cute book for the girls, a wee pukeko notebook, and an awesome sock pattern to match.  WOW!!  How lucky am I?  She even presented it all in a pukeko blue box, with pukeko red ribbon and a little pukeko card.  Thankyou Kristy, I really love it :-).  I’m being very diligent and am finishing off the current pair of socks before I start the new pair (It’s taking some serious restraint though!).

Check out our resident Naki photographers (Sheryl, Hannah,  and Sam’s )sites for more detailed piccies of the evening.

We have a new visitor at our house.  He’s made himself quite at home.  He visits every afternoon just after lunch, in time to finish off the bits and bobs that the kids discard.  Here we have ‘baby hedgehog’.  Isn’t he squishy?!!!  We are calling him ‘Mr Hedgehog’ as the original Mr Hedgehog decided to depart this world last week :-(.  Our new Mr Hedgehog is very tame, he is quite happy for us to sit next to him while he eats.  You should see his little teeth and tongue.  So cute!


I’ve been busy making custom orders this week, so there won’t be an update this Monday.  But, here’s a wee peek at one of the OOAK nappies I’ve just finished for a customer.  This will be winging its way overseas for an international nappy swap.



Don’t forget to enter this weeks ‘Freebie Monday draw.  I’ll be back on Monday with the winner and piccies of next weeks prize.  See you then!

🙂 Kate

Bib and Tucker ‘Freebie Monday’

I’ve decided it’s time to give something back to the crafty world out there, considering how much inspiration all of you give me.  So, from this coming Monday I’m introducing Bib and Tucker ‘Freebie Monday’.  I’ll be offering handcrafted goodies (yes, there might be quite a bit of hand spun, bwah haa haa haa haa) for you to win each week. 

Come and visit on Monday at 5pm, NZ time and I’ll pop on here with a wee piccie of the weeks freebie.  I’ll announce how you can win on Monday’s post.

This coming Monday is also the launch day of our new Designer Nappy Collection, which will be released in limited editions each Monday.   The website will be updated with the collections each week.

I’ve just returned from spinning this evening, you know, the whole day event that I was talking about the other day.  Whoa, I’m a bit shattered, but learnt so much today.  I finished spinning the ‘Wave Waltz’ hand dyed merino single for my Naki wool swap, so will see if I can get that plyed tomorrow.  Piccies to come once it’s completed.  We are working on silk dying at the next Saturday meeting which promises to be fantastic.   See you there Naki girls!!

Right, I’m off to bed so that I have enough energy to start this wee crafty freebie that I have planned for Monday.  Bye.  🙂 Kate

Painting Yarn Swap

circus hank   circus hank 2

Did I mention wool dyeing lately??!!! 

Here we have the Utiku 100% Merino Baby Yarn I dyed for the TNN Painting Yarn Swap.  This swap was the same format as the Spring swap.  Some wool, a pattern and a recipe.


My swapper chose George Seurat’s ‘The Circus’ for her painting.  I decided to dye some 4ply yarn to match so she could make use of the fun toe sock pattern I found on Ravelry.   Cute huh!   

  toe socks

I used Tillia acid dyes this time (these dyes ROCK :-)).  The red, orange, yellow and green were painted on in small repetitions, with the deep blue dispersed in dots around the hank for a random speckled effect.  The recipe was for ‘Circus Pops’, a great little treat to make with your children. 

And here’s the parcel after opening……..

painting swap together

So what’s next?  Our local TNN Knitting group have decided to do a Kiwiana Yarn Swap :-).  Yay!!!!   I have been given my swap partner, so check back for a progress report soon.